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So...what do you take on the street when gambling has taken your home and you have no privacy?
How does a widow come to terms with the pain of her husband's Alzheimer's disease?


About "COPING"

In the mid nineteen seventies Tony Moore's father was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer's disease and the family, especially his mother, struggled to cope until his hospitalisation.

Some years later Tony, through his work as a technician, found himself operating sound for a conference on Dementia. Listening to the speakers he realised that there were many stories to be told about the disease and that there was a real need to widen awareness of the issues in the community

.The play "Tom", the first half of COPING is not simply the story of Tony's family but is the story of every family that has been touched by this disease told through the experiences of Tom's widow. It is tragic and funny, sad and hopeful, and lays bare the fears and concerns of one family caught up in this terrible problem.

The companion piece "No Privacy" grew from a television interview on Andrew Denton's "Enough Rope". Several comments made during the interview struck chords with Tony and the resultant piece examines the plight of older people made homeless due to gambling.

The two pieces are one woman plays and two of Adelaide's most accomplished actresses have agreed to play the roles. Tom's widow will be played by Penni Hamilton-Smith and Joanna Webb will play the homeless lady.

The Ladies

Penni is a legend in her own life time in Adelaide theatre having performed since the 1960's with such great names as Barry Egginton, John Edmunds, Tony Roberts and Marie Tomasetti. Her television credits include playing Wilbur Worm and producing a number of Adelaide shows including The Channel Niners, Guess What, Off the Dish and Ridgey Didge. She also wrote produced and directed for Children's Television in Jakarta.
Her return year to Adelaide theatre has been a busy one appearing in "Lord Arthur Saville's Crime", "Steaming" and "The Full Monty".

Penni Hamilton-Smith
2005 Messenger Light Year Awards
Joanna too is returning to the Adelaide stage in 2005 having spent much of the last 13 years in the UK. Before leaving she was appeared in "The Lady and The Clarinet", "Agnes of God" and one of the three witches in Macbeth. In the UK she worked on the London Fringe in a variety of plays including "Lady Aoi" and a long season of "A Comedy of Errors" at Two Way Mirror in Camden. She was a founder member of the Sevenoaks Shakespeare Society and worked with them in a number of roles including Paulina in "A Winters Tale" under the direction of legendary RSC identity Diana Edwardes.
Joanna Webb
The Playwright
Tony was born in England and was brought out to Australia by his parents as a "ten pound pom" when he was about 10 and therefore considers himself to be Australian. Tony's work as a director /actor attracted some attention in Adelaide fifteen years ago. In 1988 he decided to go to University and spent the next three years at Adelaide University / SACAE graduating in 1992 with a BA in Educational Theatre.
In 1993 he left the country to try his luck in the UK.where he lived and worked in London and the near counties. In the last ten years he has begun writing and has produced a number of plays some of which have been published by New Theatre Publications in the UK.
Tony Moore
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